JANE THE VIRGIN Review: “Chapter Seventy-Four”


Last week left me happy and annoyed. Yes, Jane and Rafael are finally in a relationship, but they’re keeping it a secret. Ugh!

As I predicted, Abuela asks Jane to double date with her and her man’s grandson. Jane, of course, cannot turn it down because she’s supposed to be single (wink, wink). So, in front of Rafael, Jane accepts. This leaves Rafael feeling a bit jealous, but he understands these things will happen since he’s a secret bae.

While Jane is on the date at the Marbella Hotel, Rafael shows up unexpectedly to work his bartending shift. Looking peeved in his sailor outfit, he texts her while she’s talking to her “date.” He even tries to steal her attention by texting her about a tongue activity he would like to try on her. She decides to put the phone down before she completely loses it. Rafael keeps texting her, and this is when Jane reaches her peek of being annoyed.

The two share a cutesy argument behind closed doors, until Abuela barges in to find out why Jane left the table. If you ask me, I think Abuela actually knows that they’re together. Grandmas, in general, know everything. You just can’t pull a fast one on them. They’ve seen, heard and tried it all. But until Abuela decides to tell Jane and Rafael that they’re not fooling anyone but themselves, she is hellbent on getting Jane to stop being rude and return to the table.

Abuela is really trying to get her groove back. Although her date was lovely, he just wasn’t her ex-man. When she sees Jorge at the Marbella Hotel while on her date, she believes, now more now than ever, that she made a mistake in not accepting his marriage proposal. She feels so strongly about this that her whole body is having a physical reaction to it. While almost tumbling to the kitchen floor, Jane asks her what’s wrong. Abuela is frank with her, admitting that Jorge may have been the one. But little miss Jane thinks there’s a solution to Abuela’s sadness, and it’s not what “Virgin” Jane would have ever suggested – sex toys.

You got it. Jane the Virgin has officially crossed over to Jane the Freak. And she’s giving her Abuela tips on what to do while in a man drought. First of all, how sex positive is this? Abuela la Catolica is considering a sex toy. Whattttt?! And by the end of the episode, we all get to see a woman in her twilight years, enjoying some battery action in the privacy of her bedroom under the covers! Kudos to actress Ivonne Coll for nailing this scene.

Someone who isn’t nailing something new is Rogelio. Ro is just miserable being a stay-at-home dad. He tries to get out of it, but Xo encourages him to stick with it, at least until some appropriate time has passed. I mean, he has been doing it for two seconds and wants to tap out already. So, Ro does what he does best – makes it about him and invites the world to watch.

He coins a new phrase “male post-partum depression” or “MPPD.” This is obviously silly since men don’t give birth, but Ro doesn’t do well with logic, so that’s a moot point with him. He ends up going on CBS’ “The Talk” to discuss how sad he has been since having his baby Baby. He explains that many fathers like him go through this and that more people should be talking about it. River Fields, played by Brooke Shields, explains that MPPD is absolutely ridiculous and that Rogelio should be ashamed for trying to hijack women’s real experiences of depression after birth.

The two go at it for a bit, and it doesn’t end well. River and Rogelio were invited to stay for an exotic animals’ segment on the talk show, and all hell broke loose – rather a wolf broke loose. As they continued their argument from earlier into the new segment, their aggression toward each other set off the wolf, and when Rogelio called on his followers to “attack her,” the wolf took it as a command. And well, that’s what it did, and River ended up losing one toe.

But in a Hollyweird way, that worked out for him. His dream of having an American version of the Santos telenovela will be greenlit only if he can get River to co-star. Ha! Let’s see if the 9-toed guru will agree to that (I wouldn’t hold my breath).

Although this was the first time Gina Rodriguez ever directed an episode, she killed it. Apparently, her  boo Justin Baldoni is taking a stab at it as well. Looking forward to it!


Season 4, Episode 10 (S04E10)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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