JANE THE VIRGIN Review: “Chapter Sixty-Five”


“Jane the Virgin” has always been on the cutting edge of situational comedies.  As a telenovela, it fits right in with the crazy dramatic, but it also gives us a life jewel that we didn’t expect.  I feel like it missed that mark in its 4th season premiere.

Both of Rafael’s baby mamas are in love with him.  But his mistake came when he became mum in telling Petra his true feelings just because Petra said that Jane was still in love with him.  I assumed that meant he, too, was in love with Jane, but no, he wasn’t.  He was just shocked by what Petra was saying, so shocked that he forgot to say to Petra, “So?”  He decides to find Jane to get the real answer, and when he does, he decides to pursue Petra anyway.  

You know what?  Maybe there is a gem here: Rafael, knock it off with all the mixed messages.

Jane picks up on the mixed signals and almost jumps in the shower with him, which would have been a complete and utter disaster. Let me back up – 

Rafael, coyly, texts Jane outside of her bedroom door asking if he can talk to her before she goes out on a date (more on this later).  She agrees and tells him to come in.  Looking handsome (when does he not?), he tries to talk to her but decides that it would be best if they talk when she comes back.  Jane texts Rafael after the date, and she tells him that it didn’t go well.  Rafael says he is glad about that (which puts Jane in a hot tizzy) and he tells her to come home.  When she arrives, she sees a glass of wine with a post-it that says, “I’m in the shower…” and the bathroom door is halfway open.  Jane enters the bathroom and undresses, announces that she’s ready to talk, and this man starts talking about Mateo’s tuition.

Skkuuurrrrtt!  Let’s discuss…

Rafael, are you kidding me?  Jane does us proud by telling him that his actions were confusing.  I mean, the “I’m glad the date didn’t go well” text, the wine, the ellipses!  Come on!  Rafael explains that he was glad the date didn’t go well because Abuela said the guy was a douche; the wine, because he wanted her to relax; and the ellipses…well, Jane didn’t bring that up, but right there! That’s that bs.  No one uses an ellipses on a post-it on a wine glass with wine in it unless they’re trying to get it in.  This is encroaching on f-boy territory. 

During the big argument, they get heated about tuition.  Earlier, Mateo is schooled by Jane about how his karate lessons have become too expensive for them to afford.  Rafael hates that his son has to learn financial boundaries, so he discusses taking some money from his trust fund to cover some costs.  Jane disagrees, and Rafael retorts with a “I don’t want my son to pinch pennies and get on a plane for the first time at 20″…which is what Jane and her family had to do.  Ouch.

I can sympathize with Rafael, but he is not living in reality.  As a parent, he wants to give his son a better life.  Since he grew up rich, he wants Mateo to live similarly.  But Rafael ain’t ballin‘ like that, and withdrawing money from Mateo’s trust fund is only to save his face.  It doesn’t protect Mateo in the long run, which is what Jane wants him to realize.  By the way, Rafael was getting all angry without his shirt, and the towel was a hair’s away from completely falling off because he was so angry.  Sigh.  I was the only one distracted by that.  Jane sees it all the time, and since he talked out of his neck, she really doesn’t care how fine her baby daddy is at this point.

Enter – Adam (the date).  He and Jane are old baes.  They were engaged to be married at 19, but Abuela and Jane’s mother scared him away (this is new information to Jane).  Adam is fine (I guess), has tattoos, and plays guitar.  He is described as a bad boy, but I am not impressed.  Frankly, he is boring af.  I don’t know what 28-year-old Jane sees in this man because he is still making grilled cheese and calling that a romantic meal on top of his apartment building. Boy, if you don’t…

I know what Jane is doing.  She is using Adam to get over Rafael.  Who hasn’t done that?  I mean, it’s not right, but you explore other options when your first one isn’t one.  

An option that I would like to axe is the new narrator.  Now, there are two – a male and a female.  The female narrator is rather annoying.  She wanted to stay on Adam’s storyline the whole time, but as I said, he was such a bore.  Luckily, the male would always intervene and bring us back to something interesting.  Why the new narrator?  Not need, “Jane the Virgin”.

Until next week!

P.S. The new son is awesome.


Season 4, Episode 1 (S04E01)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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