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JANE THE VIRGIN never fails to bring the drama.  It is a telenovela, remember?

First thing’s first – Jane is about to have a baby sister.  Apparently, Darcy’s eggs weren’t all stored in the freezer.  As she and Rogelio were breaking up, they decided to have “hate sex” until the final goodbye.  No pull-out method was suggested, so boom!  Darcy is preggo and decides to tell him 7 months after conception.  Her bitterness almost costs him a real relationship with his unborn daughter, but Xo steps in and tells her to check herself.  Rogelio is a good person. You go, girl!  You know what I’m learning?  People are people.  They go through things.  They go through people.  But if you choose to be with each other despite all the noise, then nothing can stop you (I stole the latter from Jane).

All the planning that Jane had for Ro and Xo’s wedding was trashed once meteorologists declared a hurricane would land the day of their wedding.  No white horses.  No train.  No lavish carriage.  They had the ceremony at the Marabella with candles in the lobby.  Jane, of course, officiated and blew the guests away with a powerful speech about how two people like Xo and Ro didn’t come together because of fate; they came together because they chose each other.  L – O – V – E that.

After the ceremony, Rafael catches Petra kissing the southern dude.  She had a moment of insecurity because Rafael was looking suspiciously adoringly at Jane (we women know what that look means).  Petra chases Rafael and tells him why she did what she did.  She adds that she thinks Jane is in love with him, and Rafael disagrees with her.  The narrator tells us what is in Petra’s head – she just wanted Rafael to not care whether Jane did.  She just wanted Rafael to choose her despite her possibly having feelings for him.  But he doesn’t.  He says nothing and decides to go the bitchy way by saying this is why it couldn’t work.  Ugh.  Ocean creatures.

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Let me define “ocean creatures” – men who live in SoFlo or SoCal.  I live in the latter.  Rafael is the epitome of an ocean creature.  They’re passive men.  They take what comes after them.  Southern guy is the epitome of not only southern guys but all other non-ocean creatures.  See, Rafael has some insecurity going on.  Could be because he doesn’t know his real parents (more on that later).  Instead of going after the woman he wants, he beats around the bush to see who wants him.  And whoever does, then he’s good-to-go.  He is curious about whether Jane likes him.  He throws it out there hypothetically, and she denies it (she’s lying).  I know and he knows that he still loves Jane, but for some reason, he is not pursuing her.  What is that? Asks all the women in SoCal and SoFlo.

Southern guy is all in for Petra.  I hope she chooses him.  And Jane’s first love appears.  I hope she explores what that could be like, although exes are exes for a reason, so I’m sure it will not end in true love but the journey is always fun.

Shifting gears, Petra’s sister is nuts.  She turns a gun on her beautiful sister and threatens to use it.  She teams up with Luisa, Rafael’s ex-sister, and they overthrow her and Rafael.  Luisa now knows that Rafael is no kin to her, so he demands him to step off.  And he does.  Poor Rafael.  No parents.  No siblings.  No family.  No Marabella.  I’m sure he will lean on Jane for support, and of course, she will be there for him.  Uh-oh. I know where this will go next season…

Turns out that the real blonde lady killed Scott.  So Rose is in jail due to a case of similar identity.  I have to blame Rose for that. Why wasn’t she smart enough to use a face that no one would easily recognize?  Not smart, lady.

Season 3 wrapped up nicely.  Jane is finally healing from the loss of her husband.  Rafael is starting a new chapter.  Luisa is the big boss lady of the Marabella.  Ro and Xo are about to become new parents.  And Petra has to get herself out of yet another sticky situation – this is the time you have a reliable boyfriend.  Southern guy would be better waiting in the wings somewhere.  Until next season! Nos vemos.


Season 3, Episode 20 (S03E20)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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