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A lot happens in Monday night’s episode of .  With three more episodes left, the season is trying to cross some Ts and dot some Is by the finale.

Let’s start with Jane.  Jane wants a fling.  No romance.  No relationship.  No intimacy.  Just sex.  She finds it hard to look at Fabian without wanting to rip his clothes off.  Even his act of sneezing turns her on.  Yeah, she is doing the most.  She learns that there’s more to Fabian than his good looks.  Everyday that she sees him, he surprises her.  He says he doesn’t read.  She says she does.  And one day, she finds the book “1984” on his shelf.  What is this beautiful man turning into?  An actual human being????

Jane’s objectification of Fabian introduces me to a very real thing – women can be creeps.  I am a woman, so I’ve known this about my kind.  It’s just that men take the creepiness to another level.  We women can look at men in an objectifying way.  Once we women have decided what a man will be to us (in this case, an eggplant in a box), it can be so, so, so difficult to change our minds.  I mean, Jane has seen how sweet and smart and basically multi-dimensional Fabian can be, but by the end of the episode, she’s like nah.  Oh! One more thing.  Fabian is celibate.  So, there’s that.

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What I realize about Fabian and Jane is that yes, Fabian is actually a great guy, but you have to be more than great to fall in love.  This is why love is so rare.  There are billions of people on this earth, and even when people get married, it doesn’t mean they have the Aladdin and Jasmine love that we all dream of.  What Jane had with Michael may never be replicated, but she will get something like it again.  It’s just that it will take awhile, so until then, she needs to getting her groove on.  Since Fabian ain’t giving it up, she needs to move on (and she will).

Doey-eyed Rafael calls himself falling in love with Petra.  I just think he’s lonely.  He just broke up with Minka Kelly (I have no idea what her character name is because she had no lines and would pop in and out at random times), and he’s looking for a rebound.  A former flame would be the perfect outlet.  He leaves a voicemail on Petra’s phone declaring his love for her.  Unfortunately, she is on her way to Pasadena with Chuck aka Jerky Pants aka JP who, as we find out, killed Scott.  The southern heart-throb might be on his way to some wooded area to wack Petra.  Uh-oh.  Once Rafael finds out, this will be a true test as to whether he really loves her.

About this – I think Jane was in her feelings as Rafael told her that he thinks that every person he’s been with after Petra were just tests to lead him back to Petra.  Ok, Raf.  I understand you look at Jane as a bud, but er, she was after Petra.  That’s some unconsciously cold shit to tell someone who you once said you loved.  Jane wanted to pump  the brakes on that comment, but she didn’t.  I’m proud of her for that because I don’t think I would have had that much restraint.

Speaking of restraint, Abuela didn’t go upside some patron’s head when she tells another patron to speak English.  What in all the hell?  Passive aggression is at its peak now that Trump is President.  “Jane the Virgin” taps into this aggression through Abuela’s storyline.  Abuela doesn’t scold the rude patron.  Instead she is paralyzed.  How could this happen in this country? I’m sure she thought.  As someone with questionable resident status, she feels that her voice will be quelled if she speaks up.  Luckily, she feels empowered to overcome fear, and she transfers that power to baby Mateo.  Both she and he needs to communicate more despite fear.

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Lastly, Xo proposed to Rogelio!  How perfect this is.  Rogelio is more of a prima donna than Xo, so it’s only right that she do the asking. PLUS, she knows that he’s going to say yes.  I am so happy that these two have finally decided to be together.  I hope that no drama comes between them. Please, please, please no drama for them.

Nos vemos!

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