JANE THE VIRGIN Review: “Chapter Sixty-Six”


The romantic lives of our faves in “Jane the Virgin” are too complicated.   

Rogelio and Darcy.  Jane and her tatted boo.  Rafael and Petra.  When will these folks get a grip?  

Petra breaks up with Rafael because she is still in love with the Southern drawl guy.  Rafael is furious because he took another chance on this woman, and here she comes raining on his love parade.  Petra further explains that she said “yes” to Rafael because he finally chose her over Jane.  Well, isn’t that some egotistical slash petty ish?  Ha! 

Can’t blame her.  I may have done the same thing.  Except this is her baby’s daddy.  And he’s kind of a nice guy.  So why do that to him?  Is it that deep?  Does anyone like the person they’re in a relationship with anyway? Not only am I asking this question of the characters in this show but also in real life. 

I have to question Rafael though.  Why would he really want to get back with a woman that has done some pretty shady things to him?  Is he bored?  Or is this an example of the delaying the inevitable – Rafael and Jane getting back together?  I mean, they killed off Jane’s husband so that they could finally be together.  And now, they’re not together.  What in all theheck? 

Jane surely isn’t into the tatted guy.  I mean, she’s having fun, but in her heart of hearts, he is neither Michael nor Rafael.  So, why waste time?  She has a baby.  (Yes, I am judging her).  This man writes comic books, and I am not sure whether he does that for money or whether this is his hobby.  If it’s the latter, boy, bye.  Jane acts like she is fun, but she has “mom” written all over her, and that is OK.  She has evolved, as all adults should, and this adult needs an adult man.  Tatted guy, you cool and all but nah, bruh. 

I guess since Rafael isn’t really into her (at the moment), then she will pass the time with the one who actually likes her.  How many of us are actually doing this?  

Jane was in love with the tatted guy because she was a teenager with no kids and no sex experience.  Of course, she fell head over heels for him.   

We meet so many people, but connections are rare.  Before we all find the one, we all spend time with the one who is right for right now.  Is this some kind of understanding that we all have?  Except some people end up marrying people who are just supposed to be for a season (cue Madea).  I don’t think Jane would dare to marry this guy, but who knows?  Sometimes, you get lonely, and your first choice hasn’t made you his (Rafael) first choice. 

The only people who are each other’s first choices are Rogelio and Xiomara.  They really love each other, but unfortunately, it has become a threesome.  Darcy has inserted herself into their relationship because she is not only a monster, but she is a super-monster while pregnant.  Xiomara tries to help by waiting hand and foot on Darcy.  But does she appreciate it? Heck no.  Darcy is a maniac.  I am not sure why she is that way, but let me guess – she wants Rogelio.  This has not been revealed in the storyline, but that’s all I could come up with.  There must be some love reason that this woman has such problems. 

I couldn’t marry a guy who had a crazy baby mama.  First of all, I couldn’t marry a guy with kids period, but that’s neither here nor there.  To Xo’s credit, she didn’t know Ro would come with such baggage until the day before their wedding.  And with their years-long history, she knew that Ro was a stand-up guy, and she knew that Ro was no longer attracted to Darcy (no late-night baby mama visits to worry about).  So, she is hanging in there…until she just can’t hang anymore. 

I hope happy endings come for all of our couples, but they’re all just a hot mess. A lot of pretending and wasting time is on the menu, so I hope they get it together sooner or later.


Season 4, Episode 2 (S04E02)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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