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tackles artificial insemination.  Mateo asks how he was made because, er, a kid told him that he was artificially made.  Eek.  Kids.  Jane does the best she can by saying that all babies are made when a mommy and a daddy give each other a special hug.  I have to give her credit for this “special hug” business.  I might use this on my future children because it really is a type of hug (wink, wink).

Not satisfied with this explanation, Jane invites Rafael over to explain how Mateo was really made.  Raf shows him a picture of his sister and explains that she put daddy’s swimmers inside mommy.  Surprisingly, Mateo takes it very well.  Jane and Rafael made it clear that if you’re distracted, you can impregnate someone.  Huh?

Distractions are common with the Solanos.  I believe that Rafael is knee-deep in it right now.  He claims to love Petra.  He has declared his love for her over a voicemail, and by the end of the episode, to her face.  Ugh.  What’s the deal here?  I’m sorry, but I can’t forgive Petra for being a little devil.  She’s done some really effed up things, and now Mr. Hot Stuff wants to “make it work” with her?  Why, Rafael, why?  Before Petra can respond to his affection the cops are at his door.  They reveal who killed Scott.  Unfortunately, I have to wait until next week to find out who it is because the scene faded out (I so hate and so love when they do that).

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Scenes that I didn’t want to fade out were between Fabian and Jane. Ahhhh…my favorite part of Monday night’s episode.  Our little Jane no longer gives a darn about her flower being de-flowered.  Keep in mind she’s no longer a virgin, but she now has to destroy the idea that sex should only be shared by people who love each other.  Nuh-uh.  Jane wants a hot and heavy fling with Fabian.  As all good girls know, this may not be easy because dammit, men start falling in love.  Fabian admits that she is a person he could be serious with.  Jane returns that with a rude “I don’t take you serious”.  Ouch.  True, but dang, I even felt that through the screen.

Oh, Jane.  When you’re trying to keep a partner in his “I’m not serious about you” corner, you don’t actually say, “I’m not serious about you”.  You put a nice little spin on it.  Here are some examples:

“I think you’re great, but I would just like to have sex”

“I’m not looking to be serious in life right now, but I am serious about jumping in bed with you now (insert animal roar)”

“Thank you, but for now, let’s give each other special hugs”

I mean, choose one of the above, Jane!

The way time is set up…it doesn’t allow Jane to have gotten my advice before she said what she said and before I watched it and before I wrote this piece, so…

Although Jane delivers a cold one to Fabian, he eventually responds with heat.  They get it on, and she is satisfied. More than satisfied.  She falls in line with all sex buddy relationships – she leaves the scene before the sun rises.  Good girl, Jane!

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I do have to say that I feel sorry for Fabian.  He is a lot more than just a gorgeous face and ridiculous body.  He has goals, dreams and thoughts.  Like, he’s a person.  It just tickles me that Jane is like “nah” no matter what he does to show her that he has depth.  Listen – when a woman knows what she wants from a man, there’s no changing that.  Jane will demonstrate this the more she dates.  And I say, brava!  However, she may be doing all this to get one man’s attention – Rafael.

Jane chooses to call Raf about her sexcapade with Fabian. Hmph.  Now, why is that? Oh, yeah.  Because she still loves him.  I haven’t brought this up for awhile, but that woman still wants that man.  I know these games.  But what Jane doesn’t realize is that Raf is so unaffected.  He wants what he wants when he wants it, and right now, it’s Petra.

“Jane the Virgin” continues to climb all kinds of heights.  How can you not just gush every time you watch it?  I certainly do.


Season 3, Episode 18 (S03E18)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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