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is usually a pleasure to watch.  Now, it’s a little hard to digest because Rafael calls himself liking Petra again.  Why, oh why?  His non-girlfriend, played by Minka Kelly (who is in the news for a different reason today), was there for a second, and boom!  Now he has a crush on Petra.  Is he bored?  Petra is still the same evil squirrel she has always been.  No twins and new boyfriend will change that.  She has a soft side, but it’s buried, deep, deep, deep under the bayou deep.  When Rafael sees a glimmer of that, he’s all smiles and puppy dog wags around her.  Gross.

Petra’s new beau notices, too.  Chuck puts it in her ear that Rafael has the hots for her.  She denies it, but we women know.  What she will do with that information, I have no idea, but it won’t be anything good.  She’s a con artist, remember?

While that swirls around in her head, Jane wonders Ms. Jackson nasty thoughts about the new telenovela star.  He is hot, hot, hot.  One of the best scenes is Jane fantasizing about him – shirt off, buckets of water thrown on his body as he brushes each splash away.  Yeah.  It was corny af but funny as hell (THE GET DOWN needs to take some notes).

The hottie admits that he likes her.  She is thrilled, but this hurts Rogelio.  It seems as though he’s being put on the backburner.  It doesn’t help that for 90% of her life, he didn’t even know she existed so feeling a sense of loss is overwhelming for him.  Thank God he has Xo.  She is an awesome shoulder to cry on.

The one person not crying is Abuela.  Abuela, Abuela, Abuela. “Jane the Virgin” is revolutionary in so many ways, and one of them is including Abuela as a sexual being.  Abuela is trying to get it in with her boss-boo.  They are having a good time, but then he tries to coax her into taking it further.  Abuela tells him to pump the breaks and declares that she’s not into premarital sex.

Skurt!!!!  Abuela Alba.  Come on!  You must be in your 70s.  Lady, you are no virgin.  Live your life because your generation is topping the charts in STDs.  I’m not saying that’s a good thing, but no one is giving the “no pre-marital” speech.  Ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially you!

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But Abuela couldn’t hear me say all those things to the screen, so she stuck to her guns.  Her boss-boo sighs and slinks away.  She assumes that he doesn’t want to pursue her anymore, but nuh-uh.  He was just shocked.  He needed to process it.  He tells her that he really cares for her and that he will wait. What I love, love, love about this is that there is no one way to “win” a guy.  Abuela tells a man, “nah” while Jane, on the other hand, is all the way in.

Jane is all the way in with the telenovela star.  She only realy likes his looks, so her mother tells her that a fling with that guy is OK.  It doesn’t have to be a relationship.  My aunt has given me excellent advice: “Every date doesn’t have to be a mate”.  Right on!  Jane is having fun.  She doesn’t know how to do that because she was a virgin for 20+ years.  With only one man under her belt, she doesn’t know what to do to have a fling.  That’s a foreign concept to her, but she’s doing all the right thins – being herself.

The telenovela boo may have real feelings for her after he sees her speak at a book fair.  (Oh yeah! She’s published, and they distributed 15,000 copies. Woohoo!)  But on to boy drama – he may have real feelings for her.  He shows up at her house and gives Jane his book to read.  It’s a book of selfies. Just when you think he had some depth, he doesn’t.  Ah, well.

Switching gears, Anezka is in jail!  The cops fooled Petra into asking her to come just so they could lock her up.  Anezka threatens Petra that if she doesn’t do something about it, she will let the cat out of the bag.  Uh-oh!  I don’t fully understand how big this cat is.  Or what color.  Or whether it’s dead.  The point is she could blow the whole spot up.

Until the next episode! (P.S. Rafael, stop fawning over Petra. It’s too much).


Season 3, Episode 16 (S03E16)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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