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has introduced us to another breakout star, Madison Rojas.  Forgive me, but I haven’t seen a 5-year-old commit to as well as this little boy does.  First of all, he’s most excellent at running amuck in Monday night’s episode.  He throws carrots in his sisters’ faces; runs through the house while his abuela chases after him; and manages to talk back and destroy furniture all at the same time on cue.  As someone in the entertainment business, I know that directors need several takes to get one just right.  Let’s say Madison had to do at least 2 takes of every scene…that’s a lot of focus and discipline. Madison, you the real MVP.

However, his character, Mateo, is, as Samantha Jones of “Sex and the City” fame says, an asshole.  Yep, I called this kid an asshole because he is.  Remember when Miranda’s baby Brady just cried and cried and cried for no reason?  Samantha immediately recognized it as asshole behavior.  She was right.  The cure to his whining was an “electric massager”.  I’m not saying that’s what Mateo needs, but the solution is definitely something Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) haven’t thought of.

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As kids are one of the themes of this episode, they show up at the Marbella, Rafael’s hotel.  Nowadays, Petra (Yael Grobglas) is in charge until Rafael feels comfortable enough to regain his position.  Under Petra’s reign, the hotel is now a family-friendly marine-themed resort.  Why, Petra, why?  I assume she got really excited about being able to take care of her children alone for 9 months and decided she should turn the hotel into a kiddie zone.  I wasn’t initially happy about it, but all of the kids are so great. Their presence makes me think of “Kindergarten Cop”.  Hopefully, one or more of the kids will say something unintentionally inappropriate to give us adults an immature laugh.

Speaking of immaturity, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Darci (Justina Machado) are more than ridiculous. Their “The De La Vega Factor Factor” reality show is a hit. I’m sure it’s something I would totally watch. But it’s made Xo (Andrea Navedo) a villain.  She’s like the Omarosa of this show (except Xo is actually a sweetie pie after the cameras go off).  But you get the picture.  She is anti-Rogelio and Darci, and according to the storyline, she is trying to do everything in her power to sabotage those two.  In reality reality, Ro and Dar hate each other’s guts.  Rogelio admits to Xo that he and Darci did not continue with the idea of having a baby because he didn’t want to be tied to her for the rest of his life.  Kudos, Rogelio! But, I have a bone to pick with him.  He loves Xo!  Why, after 3 years, is he still hiding his feelings?  Same goes for Jane and Rafael.  They’re all driving me crazy.

I understand that Jane can’t fully embrace her love for Rafael (FYI – this is complete speculation and projection, but nevertheless…) because she’s still healing from losing her husband.  I get that, but mama needs to have a life, too (stolen from A.J. Johnson in “Baby Boy”).  Clearly, Rafael and Jane will get their time to shine, but I guess it is appropriate for us to see Jane heal a little bit.  A closer step to her doing this is news that she’s been offered a publishing deal for her romance novel inspired by her love for Michael.  Awwww, how sweet.  In the novel, he lives, of course, but I’m sure that getting this book published and then promoted will do her some good.  But….I’m still trying to see Jane and Rafael get back together STAT.

Jane The Virgin -- "Chapter Fifty-Five" -- Image Number: JAV311_0004.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Justin Baldoni as Rafael and Yael Grobglas as Petra -- Photo: Robert Voets/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC All Rights Reserved.

The only ones who seemed to have love were Aneska (Yael Groglas) and Scott (Wes Armstrong). Unfortunately, one of them is dead.  Some kids from the Marbella dig up sand in hopes of finding some treasure. Instead, they find Scott’s body with his name tag still on his person.  Petra claims earlier that she didn’t know what became of Scott, but if she has anything to do with his death, she is dim as all get out.  Who leaves the person’s name tag on them?  Clearly, the murderer was in a hurry or they’re trying to pin his murder on someone else.  In either event, it begs many questions.

Jane the Virgin just might be my favorite show on right now.  Uh-oh.  Nah, HBO’s Girls is back. Lo siento, pero es still excellent .  Until next week!


Season 3, Episode 11 (S03E11)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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