“Jane the Virgin” Showrunner Previews the Show’s Next Big Death (SPOILERS)


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(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not seen Friday’s Season 4 premiere episode of Jane the Virgin. Plot details will be discussed in detail as well as teases about next week’s episode.)

No, there won’t be another death on the level of Jane’s husband Michael on this season, but a big mystery and yes, another death, is about to be served up in Season 4. This according to showrunner Jennie Urman.

But first, the Season 4 premiere appeared to lay to rest a love triangle – quadrangle – that had been brewing since last season. But did it actually?

After Jane (Gina Rodriguez) deflected Adam’s (Tyler Poesy) wooing, realizing she had to deal with her feelings for Rafael (Justin Baldoni) first, she and her baby daddy had their worst fight yet, putting any romantic notions firmly on hold. Meanwhil, he confessed to Petra (Yael Groblas) that she’s the one he really wants and they seal it with a kiss, deciding to give it a shot again, for real.

All this left Jane free to pursue things with Adam again, love-triangle free.

Meanwhile, Petra realized her evil twin sister Anezka wasn’t so dead after all, and Luisa (Yara Martinez) was still running around with Rose (Bridget Regan) and still up to no good.

Below, Urman discussed the fallout to come from the episode, as well as how the next big mystery on the show will unfold.

So that Adam-Jane-Rafael-Petra love triangle seemed to resolve itself pretty quickly. Is everyone now where they want to be?
They’re where they are. [laughs]Things are going to constantly change and shift. Jane and Rafael seemed like they were moving towards a romantic moment and it turns into a really pretty awful fight. The worst fight they’ve had since they’ve been co-parents. So that really affects them in a big way going forward, I’m excited to explore going forward what it’s like for them to co-parent when they aren’t best friends. Also Rafael is living in her house for the foreseeable future, now that all his money is gone, and that provides an opportunity for a lot of unexpected and interactions between Raf and Jane as we try to figure out where they are in their relationship.

Petra and Rafael also reach a surprising conclusion, by the end of the second episode, about their relationship, which changes things yet again. So I would say the romantic relationships on our show will continue to change and grow and evolve.

Tell me about the decision to have Adam be the one who found Michael’s (Brett Dier) letter.
That was a little bit of the fairy tale sprinkling that we like to have in our show, that sense that something magical can happen and is happening in the lives of these characters. It’s sort of our magical realism. There’s always so many coincidences, the twists and turns in life, our show takes them and believes in the magic of those interactions, so that was one more piece of that.

And for the first time, we had two narrators. What was the significance of that?
Adam has come into our world with his own narrator. It’s underscored thematically in the episode, how everyone is the hero in their own story. They’re searching for their own happy ending and what happens when two stories collide? So the conceit in the episode is that we’ve been watching Jane, but Adam’s going to come into her life in the middle of his own story, with his own goals and dreams and heartbreak. By the end of the episode, he is incorporated into our narrative and his narrator says he’s part of our story now and that’s how we dispense with Adam’s narrator. It’s something we used just for the first episode.

Is Adam’s narrator also a character in the story, the way our narrator is?
Our narrator has a specific connection to the story and storytelling. This narrator, once you understand that, can be explained in a similar way but she’s not a person in the life of Jane or her family.

Luisa and Anezka are still around and still working together. Are they going to be the Big Bad this season?
There is a big mystery that unfurls throughout the season and Luisa definitely plays a part in it. And Rose (Bridget Reagan) plays a part in it and I think that’s all I can say.

Who’s the most in danger? Petra seems to always be in danger. Is Rafael in danger?
By the end of the second episode, we show you six people and we tell you one of them will die. And you’ll have to wait and see who that is.

Will Jane get involved in all this at some point?
Jane will not die. [laughs]We usually keep her away from the really heightened telenovela storylines.

Jane the Virgin airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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