Jaume Collet-Serra Replaces John Hillcoat for the Remake of THE RED CIRCLE.


Up-and-coming director has signed on to replace the departing John Hillcoat as director of the remake of the 1970s French film . The project, which tells the tale of a cool aristocratic thief and an escaped murderer joining forces in a jewel heist, which they must contend with a wily police superintendent determined to catch the duo, is set to be produced by Working Title .
Collet-Serra has been very busy as of late, with his project “Unknown” opening in theaters this weekend, he’s been busy booking film & directing roles on almost a weekly basis since the start of the new year, with him being in contention for the “G.I. Joe Sequel,” as well as signing on for the spec sold a few weeks ago in “Harker” and the ABC sci-fi pilot “The River”

Collet-Serra is repped by and .



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