Jennifer Jason Leigh Cast in “LBJ”


With Woody Harrelson and Richard Jenkins already cast in ’s , this upcoming drama promises to be an excellent film. Now, has joined them in the role of Lady Bird Johnson.

Lady Bird Johnson was a groundbreaking First Lady. Due to the Highway Beautification Act she advocated for, we still see her influence in the flowers we see lining the city highways we drive today. Not only that, but she funded her husband’s congressional campaign, ran his office while he served in the navy, and employed her own press secretary as First Lady. She also advocated for the Head Start program. Few people can claim to have such initiative.

Leigh is a prolific actress well known for her roles in Weeds, Single White Female, and Short Cuts. She was nominated for a Golden Globe in 1995 and won the Women in & Muse Award in 2007. In 2001 she co-wrote and co-directed The Anniversary Party. With such experience, she will surely be a great addition to .

Leigh is repped by and .


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This news was first reported by Deadline.


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