Jimmy Fallon Interviews The Bachelorette (AKA Kristen Wiig) To Hilarious Results (Things We Love)


JoJo Fletcher

The current season of is nearing its end: hometown visits are right around the corner, and then our current leading lady, JoJo Fletcher, will make her pick out of the remaining handful of men that she wants to marry. Last night, Jimmy Fallon got the opportunity to interview Fletcher (who looked curiously like actress Kristen Wiig) on The Tonight Show and it went about as well as can be expected. The funniest bit is when Fallon holds up photos of the men who are still contenders and asks for details on them. Fletcher gives them odd nicknames (she calls Jordan “Mark Hamill,” for the record), and seems to not know much about any of them, which is not that surprising because they all sort of look the same. It’s a great clip and it even ends with a clip from the upcoming Ghostbusters, since it was Wiig who was supposed to be on the show last night.

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