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The Tracking Board is seeking interns who are very familiar with all social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc), as well as emerging social media trends and platforms. Candidates should possess the ability to truly build a social media brand, as well as the skill to be a voice of the company on such platforms. The capacity to brainstorm new ways to advertise content, generate viewer interest, and create active user engagement is necessary. Knowledge of Photoshop, graphic design, gif-making, HTML, and Hootsuite is preferable. Experience with Mailchimp/newsletters is a plus.

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The Tracking Board is looking for highly motivated interns who are knowledgeable about the film, television and entertainment industry, as well as the companies, projects and players within. Candidates must be enthusiastic, show strong initiative, possess the ability to multi-task, as well as the ability to work both independently and within a team dynamic under sometimes extreme deadlines. Strong journalism skills, the ability to find strong and catchy angles for news content, knowledge of the market, and the ability to track information are essential. Position will include one-off stories, data entry, tracking, grids/details and more. Must be proficient in Mac/Apple software and preferably have experience with basic WordPress/backend posting.

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