Joe Alwyn May Soon Be Making A Mid-Field Appearance In “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”


Newcomer Joe Alwyn may just have scored the biggest role of his short . Reports indicate that Oscar-winning filmmaker Ang Lee is eyeing the young star for the starring role in TriStar’s BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALFTIME WALK.

Based on the Ben Fountain novel, Billy Lynn, the story follows the titularly named 19-year-old private, Billy Lynn, and his company as they return from an intense battle in Iraq that has been televised across the country. After their return to the states, their heroism is celebrated during a spectacular halftime show during a Thanksgiving Day football game, although they face the looming reality of an imminent return to the battle zone.

Throughout the movie, flashbacks occur explaining the war and the events that have lead to present day, all of which Lee hopes to use in order to heighten the audiences sensation of the drama and give insight into the solider’s world both abroad and at home.

While nothing has yet to be set in stone, sources say that the young British actor met with Lee several times and has since secured the spot as the director’s choice for the Iraq war drama. If an offer is extended, the project will serve as the young British actor’s first major role in a feature film.


Olivia Diaz |  Journalist

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