THINGS WE LOVE: Joe Carnahan and His “Daredevil” Vision



Word came down last week that Fox had been looking to (“The A-Team”, “The Grey”) to reboot the franchise into a viable film franchise alongside some of the other Marvel superhero powerhouses. Carnahan put together a couple of sizzle (splicing together film stock, concept art, soundtrack snippets and a few tidbits from the Ben Affleck effort) in order to convey the tone he was looking for and pitched his take on the character and the films, envisioning a gritty, 1970s take on the character and setting.

Unfortunately, the execs at Fox did not share Carnahan’s view of the character and have reportedly nipped those plans in the proverbial bud. The problem for Fox now is time: unless is started on a Daredevil movie by October 10th, rights to the character will revert back to Marvel. Carnahan was seen as the best hope of having something up and running by that date, but now those plans seem to have gone up in smoke.

Now that his vision has been denied by the execs, Carnahan has posted his Daredevil ideas online. Here is one of the sizzle (the more hardcore one) that the director posted.

So what will happen with Daredevil? Guess we won’t really know until October 10th. In the meantime, just sit back, watch the sizzle reel again and imagine what could have been.


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