Joe Carnahan, Frank Grillo’s War Party Sets Up New Fund for “El Chicano,” Other Projects


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Filmmaker and actor have set up the WarChest Fund with a Calbary-based investment group to start developing four to five films all budgeted below $20 million.

Their next project will be EL CHICANO, which is being co-written by Carnahan and Ben Bray with the latter direcing and Carnahan producing, the Tracking Board has confirmed.  Grillo and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura will be exec. on El Chicano.

This will be War Party’s third film after the upcoming Netflix thriller Wheelman, written and directed by Jeremy Rush and starring Grillo, and the English remake of the Indonesian action flick The Raid.

El Chicano is about two twin brothers, Pedro and Diego Hernandez, who were raised in the tough section of East L.A, with 10 year-old Pedro being groomed to join the Vato Loco gang, but Diego taking a different direction in life. Although they’re on the opposite sides of the law, they watch each other’s backs in order to survive.

El Chicano continues a tradition/trend that Frank and I are pursuing. War Party is looking to produce high-quality, intelligently executed action-thrillers, with an essential emotional core. We’re trying to do a global, Marvel-style film for a fraction of the price and cater to the Hispanic community, who statistically represents the most under-serviced, largest theater-going populace in North America,” Carnahan said in a press release announcing the fund set-up by War Party.

The fund is expected to produce three to five films a year with franchise potential for some of them. They expect the first film to be up for sale by next year’s European Market.

After finishing Rush’s Wheelman, they’ll turn their attention to the Raid remake, which Carnahan will write and direct with Grillo to start. That film will be produced by War Party with XYZ and original director Gareth Evans exec. producing.

Grillo is a hard-working actor probably best known for his roles in the two Purge sequels, written and directed by James DeMonaco, but he also played Brock Runlow, better known as Crossbones, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and its sequel. Grillo also had a key role in the recent Chinese blockbuster Wolf Warriors 2, which has grossed $848 million in China alone.

Carnahan first got attention for his early films Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane and Narc, followed by the crime thriller Smokin’ Aces, featuring an impressive ensemble cast including Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds. That was followed by his reimagining of the popular television show The A-Team, and the successful lower budget survival thriller The Grey with Liam Neeson.  Carnahan’s last film, the thriller Stretch, was released on Netflix in 2014 after sitting on the shelf for a year.

Carnahan and Grillo are both repped by with Grillo also repped by .

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