John Barrowman Gets Promoted To Series Regular For Multiple CW Superhero Shows


John Barrowman Arrow

Have we discovered our next Big Bad for The CW’s DC superhero universe?

, who plays the charismatic but ruthless and terrible Malcolm Merlyn on , has been upped to series regular on the show. However, that’s not the only show he’ll been appearing in regularly this fall; he has also been promoted to series regular on and DC’s .

Interestingly, he’s only appeared on The Flash once, in a crossover episode with Arrow, and has yet to show up on Legends. This makes the announcement particularly noteworthy, as it implies he’ll have a larger presence in the whole universe, despite only being an Arrow character up until now.

This means it’s time to start speculating what his role will be going forward. Could he plague all our heroes and bring them together to defeat the bad guy? He’s a character who walks the line between bad and good, and it should be exciting to see how his larger role, across the network, manifests. Last we saw him, he helped Team Arrow stop Genesis, Damien Darhk’s apocalyptic plan, from happening.

This status change comes right on the heels of Legends of Tomorrow’s Wentworth Miller renewing his contract after a shocking season finale.

Barrowman has recently been seen on Reign and Scandal.

He is repped by  and .

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This news was first reported by Entertainment Weekly.


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