Jon Turteltaub Gets “Beached”



Fox 2000 has tapped to helm their long-gestating swim project .

The project, which originally had Betty Thomas set to helm and will be working on a script rewrite by Jordan Roberts, follows a chubby four-year old who falls overboard during a family boat excursion, leading her to be raised by whales and eventually become a champion swimmer. The project had been inactive for quite some time but with the popularity spike in swimming over recent years, thanks largely to the success of American swimmer Michael Phelps, Fox has made the moves to get Turteltaub attached and the project back on track.

Rob Scheidlinger was originally producing but there’s no word if he is still attached.

Turteltaub is best known for his family oriented films including “Cool Runnings”, “National Treasure” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. “Last Vegas”, “Fraternity Brother” and the “A Matter Of Size” remake are all on the horizon for the helmer, who is repped by



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