Jonny Weston To Date Maggie Grace In “Taken 3”



is the latest to join the cast of , the upcoming (and supposedly final installment) of the Liam Neeson franchise. He will be joining Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Forest Whitaker, Leland Orser, and Jon Gries who are all attached to the story that is being kept under wraps. Weston will play Grace’s boyfriend. Olivier Megaton is returning as the director from a script by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen.

I want to be excited by the idea of this film, but after the sequel I really have my doubts. Maybe they can pull of an “Indiana Jones” and really deliver on the third in the series after the second one lacked… originality, for lack of a better word. Of course if this 3rd one is successful (and they follow the “Indian Jones” formula) then we will have a fourth one to look forward to in 20 years where an 80 year old Neeson can use his special skills to find his grandchild. Which I might actually be down for.

Weston can be seen next in “Project Almanac” and recently appeared in the indie “Kelly & Cal.”

He is repped by ICM, , and .



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