“Justice League” Recruits J.K. Simmons As Commissioner Gordon



will step into the DC Universe as Gotham City’s Commissioner Gordon in the forthcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE. The Academy Award-winning actor joins all-star cast , , , , and for the two-part blockbuster.

will direct the movie written by . Snyder will also produce with and . The first installment of the movie is slated to be released on Nov 17, 2017, while part two will hit theaters June 14, 2019. The movie will expand DC’s movie universe by following the team of superheroes as they try to combat a global threat that is beyond their extraordinary powers.

Simmons was recently cast in the Boston Marathon bombing drama, Patriots’ Day alongside Mark Wahlberg. He will appear in La La Land starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling directed by Damian Chazelle, who helmed Whiplash, the film for which Simmons earned an Academy Award. He also stars opposite Susan Sarandon in The Meddler alongside Susan Sarandon as well as And Punching The Clown, which premieres at the South by Southwest Film Festival. He lent his voice to Kung Fu Panda 3 and can be heard in Disney’s Zootopia.

He is repped by Gersh and .


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