Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish Team Up for Sharon Tate Biopic


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Husband and wife and are teaming up for SHARON TATE AND THE MANSON MURDERS based on the book by Greg King. Polish is directing and adapting the script, and Bosworth will star as Tate.

The project will follow the life of Tate from her beginnings as a Dallas, TX beauty queen who moved to Hollywood with big dreams of stardom. She landed several small film and television roles before gaining fame in Valley of the Dolls and The Fearless Vampire Killers, the latter of which introduced her to her husband, Roman Polanski. She became infamous through her death, murdered by the Manson family along with six others when Tate was just a few weeks to giving birth to her son with Polanski. Since then, the story of her death has become a cult phenomenon that continues be explored in different mediums like Emma Cline’s novel The Girls and NBC’s drama Aquarius.

This is not the first time Polish and Bosworth have teamed up, they previously worked together on several films including 90 Minutes in Heaven and Amnesiac. Nick Phillips, who worked with Bosworth on the Straw Dogs remake, will produce the Sharon Tate biopic. Paris-based production company WTFilms is currently being pre-sold at AFM.

Bosworth is in the midst of production for The Art of More season two. It will air on Crackle this fall.

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