Katie Khan’s Sci-fi Romance “Halcyon” Is Ready For The Rights Market


〉 Would you regret your relationship if it ended with your suffocation in space?

’s first novel, , is getting ready for the big screen even before a publication date has been worked out.

The romance novel, set in space with flashbacks to a near-utopian future Earth, follows Max and Carys. The two lovers are stuck in space with only 90 minutes of oxygen left, and they reflect on their relationship and the series of events that brought them to their present predicament.

The book sounds like a cross between Gravity and One Day, exploring themes of love, whether or not its real, and if human nature has us constantly looking for the next best thing. Since the book has yet to be published, the backstory of the two lovers and the universe in which they live–like love itself–is still a bit of a mystery. Despite the questions surrounding the narrative, that the story can be pitched as a cousin to Gravity, Interstellar, or even The Martian, is bound to turn heads in Hollywood.

The book will be published in the US by , and in the UK by . Khan is repped by at .


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