“Kevin Can Wait” Shocker: Erinn Hayes Character Killed Off



star Erinn Hayes announced in early June that she was axed from her CBS sitcom after one season, and CBS execs revealed Tuesday the way her character is being written out of the show.

“The character will have passed away, and we will be moving forward in time catching up at a later date,” CBS EVP Thom Sherman announced at the ’s 2017 Critics Association summer press tour.

After the panel, CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl told a small group of journalists that the exit “will be addressed tastefully” and “with dignity and respect.”

While he praised Hayes as an actress, he cited star Kevin James’ chemistry with his former King of Queens costar Leah Remini, who joins as a series regular, as a reason for the creative overhaul.

“When everybody collectively saw how Leah and Kevin worked together in those last couple of episodes, there was just an undeniable spark there. Kevin, the , and the wanted to keep that magic and chemistry going forward,” he said.

Kahl also acknowledged that Hayes did not have a say in how her character would exit the show.


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