“Kingsman” Star Sofia Boutella Circling Charlize Theron Thriller “The Coldest City”


Kingsman: The Secret Service breakout is circling ’ spy thriller . John Wick co-director is helming from a by , who adapted the graphic novel of the same name. will lead with , who just recently signed on.

Based on the graphic novel by Antony Johnston, Coldest City centers on an underground MI6 officer killed at the precipice of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Two operatives hunt for a list detailing the names of Cold War spies, on both sides, before it gets into enemy hands.

Theron and Leitch are also producing, along with A.J. Dix, Beth Kono, Eric Gitter, Kelly McCormick, and Peter Schwerin. Production is due to begin November 16th in Budapest, with continued shooting in Berlin afterward. Focus is committed to a wide release of the picture, which is budgeted around $30 million.

Boutella’s acting career blew up after her star-making role in Kingsman, following that up with a role in the third Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond. The famed dancer-turned-actress is next set to star in sci-fi pic The Titan, leading alongside Sam Worthington and Ruth Wilson.

She’s repped by and 42.


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