{Launch Pad} 2014 LPFC Finalist Amit Bhaumik Signs With 3 Arts Entertainment!



Congratulations to who has signed with at ! Bhaumik is now the 11th writer in this year’s LPFC semifinalist group to find representation. This well deserved attention comes from his action/adventure script , a story about an antiquities thief who finds himself locked in a centuries old struggle of good and evil when he steals a legendary sword imbued with extraordinary powers. The script is currently in the finals of competition. 

As for who signed him, in late October Rowbotham made the move, with many of his top clients, from Caliber Media Co. over to 3 Arts. The company already has a couple of big films under their belt in 2014 (Edge of Tomorrow, Unbroken) and even more in production, coupled with their large presence in the TV world (The Mindy Project,  Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Witches of East End to name a few), and we are sure that Bhaumik will make the perfect addition to their ranks. Don’t be surprised if you see his name popping up again soon.

Congratulations again to Bhaumik!

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