Launch Pad Alum Ahmadu Garba Sells New Series to AMC!


Launch Pad Alumni has started the year off in the right direction by selling his upcoming series to . Announced at TCA 2020, unveiled Garba’s series as part of their list of projects currently in the works.

Set in a futuristic world, tells the story of Sgt. Charles Opkara, a local police officer in a poor district of Lagos. Assigned to protect a visiting American businessman staking out his district, Sgt. Charles begins to unravel a global conspiracy over depleting resources. Garba will write on the series and serve as Executive Producer alongside and of Nigeria’s EbonyLife .

isn’t the only thing Garba has going on in 2020. He’s also currently a writer / on the upcoming . The true-crime podcast turned series is produced by Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater, and Jamie Dornan and is set to premiere on the Peacock Network this Fall.

Garba hit the scene back in 2015 when he placed as a finalist in the Launch Pad Feature competition with his script . Pitched as Gladiator meets Rome, the epic historical drama tells of Rome’s Emperor Augustus and his rise to power, following the assassination of his uncle Julius Caesar. Since then, he has kept his success rolling by serving as writer on numerous series such as HAPPY! on Syfy, THE SINNER on USA, and Amazon’s UNTITLED DAVID O. RUSSELL project. In addition, he co-wrote the indie /Musical SHINE.

Hailing from Washington D.C., Garba spent many years living in his family’s native country of Nigeria, while his father was jailed as a political prisoner. Once he returned to the states, Garba received his B.A. at the George Washtington University and after spending one day at law school, he packed his bags and moved to Hollywood.

Garba is represented by of as well as and of .

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