Launch Pad Alum Byron Burton Signs With Zero Gravity Management


Byron Burton Zero Gravity

Two-time Launch Pad feature alum has signed with manager Joe Riley at , the Tracking Board has learned.

Burton’s Felix Before Vacation and Don’t Cross Frank, made the Top 25 and Top 75, respectively, in the 2015 Launch Pad competition. In 2016, Burton co-wrote the song “Rest Young Child” with BAFTA Award-winning editor-composer John Ottman for 20th Century ’s X-Men: Apocalypse. The song was written in Polish and performed by Michael Fassbender.

Currently, Burton is developing an animated series, The Gang’s All Here, with voice acting and directing legend Rob Paulsen, whose credits include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Rick and Morty.

The Gang’s All Here follows an all-animal cast of actors as they star in their own films and navigate the woes of the entertainment industry. The wide-ranging personalities and off-the-wall characters deliver a unique blend of entertainment, targeting both adults and adolescents.

Burton and Paulsen recruited an all-star team of animation icons for the show. Kevin Conroy (who voices Batman on the animated series and in the Arkham video games) voices two characters for the creature-driven show — a bookworm bear who struggles to find solitude in the noisy forests of North America, and a superhero dog who strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies… when he’s not playing fetch.

Cal Dodd (Wolverine from the animated X-Men series) voices a gruff pig commando known only to his enemies as Sargent Snout. He also voices a renegade Wolverine, whose sharp claws come with a familiar voice. Rob Paulsen voices an entertainment agent who is literally a Weasel, and then there’s Patches, a warthog who could end up being the show’s breakout character thanks to his Christopher Walken-esque voice. Meanwhile, voice directing legend Andrea Romano is coming out of retirement to direct the series and voice several of its characters.

For more on Burton and the rest of his Emmy and Annie Award-winning creative team, check out the Hollywood Reporter, which has an exclusive first-look at the series.

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