Launch Pad Alum Caitlin McCarthy Named One of the Top 100 Indie Writers


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Launch Pad Pilot Competition alum has netted herself on the Top 100 Indie Writers in the World in a new book out by Del Weston and Theresa Weston.

The book is the first of two taking readers on a trip through the minds, creativity processes, and lives of some of the most incredible screen and scriptwriters working today. These people are showcased via interviews, recordings, sample , and in-depth questions, giving a voice to a new breed of screenwriter and offering positive attributes for both the and the profiled.

McCarthy has been featured on both the 2016 and 2014 Pilot Competitions. She also appeared on the 2017 Bitch List, which features unproduced that pass the Bechdel Test.

She penned Free Skate, a sports drama that made it to the 2016 Launch Pad semi-finals. The story is set after an injury ends a young figure skater’s dreams of Olympic glory, forcing her to join the world of professional ice shows to pay the bills, she not only discovers how cutthroat the circuit can be, but that it may be the only place that can offer her another shot at going for the gold.

McCarthy also co-wrote the spec Pass/Fail with Jim Forbes which follows a street-wise assistant principal who must combat the neglect of an ailing school district while struggling to recover from her own tragic past. The script is a gritty and powerful story, described as Blackboard Jungle meets Norma Rae. The script landed on in the top 25 of the 2014 Pilot Competition.

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McCarthy is repped by Barry Krost .

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