Launch Pad Alum Conor Kyle Signs with Elevate Entertainment (Exclusive)



Following his Top 10 Appearance in the recently announced 2017 Launch Pad Feature Competition, has signed with manager of .

Kyle landed a lot of interest following the Top 10 announcement for his script , which delivers a uniquely fresh spin on the WWII genre, with a youth driven perspective on a survival/revenge tale of three kids in war-torn St. Petersburg. But, while the demographic similarities bring to mind the recent successes of Stranger Things, this story delves deeper into a more hauntingly psychological thriller about a group of kids forced to survive by any means necessary in a world that has been destroyed by events beyond their youthful understanding. Utilizing an innovative integration of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” into the action and story of the script works beautifully, and goes on to add chilling echo of civility amidst the chaos of their surroundings. This is a story led, visualized, and portrayed by the juvenile characters on the page, but it is also one that never shies away from the gritty, desperate, and darkened world it lives in.

Originally a playwright with a background in music, Kyle made the jump to film and television after his 2015 move from Virginia to Los Angeles. While in LA, he’s dabbled in development and continued to hone his work for the screen. In 2016 he melded his background in composition and his love for all things bleak and whimsical into the music-infused horror adventure “Dark Times at Grimesville High” which premiere in the D.C. Source Festival.

Already big fans of ‘Peter’, we’re excited to see his script hit the town and to see what’s next!


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