Launch Pad Alum Denise Meyers Lands With Woolf + Lapin Agency



With her brilliantly drawn Frank Lloyd Wright spec leading the way, has become the latest Launch Pad Alum to land representation, signing with partner .

Meyers, who crafted a delicately woven dramatic thriller into the lives of the famed architect Wright, and his wife Mamah, is no stranger to the intricacies of humanity within a dramatic story, as she’d previously written the short film THE DARK OF NIGHT, which was directed by Robin Wright and premiered in the 70th annual Cannes Festival with stars Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb. With her Launch Pad script, Meyers found a unique avenue in to the marital drama at play, combining the fantastic visual of Wright’s work alongside that of subtle feminist themes and a slow burning violence teetering it way across the page. Equally as dramatic as it is thrilling, and eerily creepy, the real life murders the story centers on are presented with an authenticity rarely seen, and the reflective view at the marital drama at hand is painstakingly as natural as it is disturbing.

Beyond ‘Truth Against the world’, Meyers has optioned her work to producers Jay Ellis & Aaron Bergman, was a second round selection in the Austin Festival and the Sundance Writers Lab, was recently hand picked to take part in the Ny Stage and Filmmakers Workshop Mentorship Program, was the only writer to have two on the Athena List, and most recently was announced as on of the Top 25 Screenwriters to watch by ISA.

Meyers is one of more than 350 writers who have landed representation coming out of the Launch Pad Competition. To find out more about her work, or that of the recently announced Launch Pad Feature Competition winners, CLICK HERE TO REVIEW THE TOP 100 FEATURES.


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