Launch Pad Alum Geoff Bakken Notches Third Launch Pad Nod and Signs with Woolf + Lapin Agency


A huge congratulations to Launch Pad Alum , who not only made his third Launch Pad appearance in today’s earlier announced Top 100 Pilots of 2018, but who has now signed with and of the .

Bakken, who first made waves when his feature script appeared in the 2015 Launch Pad Feature Competition, returned to the fold in the 2017 feature competition with his script , and has now notched a third Launch Pad appearance with his pilot script notching a spot in the 2018 Launch Pad Pilot Competition. His 2017 feature script Mercy was one our judges top picks following its announcement earlier this year.

Whether it be drama, action, or sci-fi, there’s no disguising the power and truth behind Bakken’s voice – something he’s firmly established on the page with his incredibly researched character-driven narratives and socio-political themes. It’s no coincidence that before transitioning to writing he earned a PHD in sociology. His work has earned raves around town from former Launch Pad judges and partners alike, with a continual fondness for his work, and for his ability to translate his voice and message across genres. Whether it be his 2015 LP script which was inspired by the four years of his doctoral dissertation research on the tea party movement, his 2017 LP script which brought a sense of empowerment to a culture that deafens it, or his 2018 LP pilot which focuses on the dangerous power of the tech industry in our modern government, his work consistently presents both an entertaining view of the world today, as well as a deep societal understanding of the worlds that led us here, and the worlds we’re transitioning to right before our eyes.

With his recent signing, Bakken becomes one of more than 360 who have signed with representation coming out of the Launch Pad Competition, and marks the first to land representation from our 2018 Launch Pad Pilot Competition.

We can’t wait to see what comes next!


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