Just after being named to the Top 50 of the 2018 Launch Pad Pilots Competition with her AETERNUM, has become the latest Launch Pad writer to find representation, signing with of .

Nyburg’s pilot, which has been described as Resurrection meets Altered Carbon, follows a surgical resident reeling from his son’s death who will stop at nothing to find a way to bring the boy back to life. Striking, atmospheric writing packed with vivid detail and effortless world-building help the pilot to connect organically with powerful themes of grief and loss. Artistic execution combined with sound storytelling structure make this a dark and intelligent drama with the potential the reach a wide audience.

Nyburg also reached the Top 75 of the 2016 Pilots Competition with her (now known as SILICON CURVE), which follows a single mother who fights to balance a complicated family life and a male-driven industry when she decides to team up with an engineer to secretly create a revolutionary new microchip processor in the 1970s.

Nyburg’s other pilots and feature scripts have gained notice from the PAGE, Final Draft Big Break and Academy Nicholl competitions. AETERNUM took fourth place at ScreenCraft Pilot Launch in 2016 and was a Script Pipeline finalist in 2017.

Nyburg joins the more than 360 writers woh have landed representation coming out of the Launch Pad Program, and is currently a finalist in the 2018 Launch Pad Pilot Competition.


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