Launch Pad Alum Jenny Deiker Signs With Artillery Creative (EXCLUSIVE)



〉 Deiker joins over 150 writers who have found representation through the Launch Pad.

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Launch Pad Alum has signed with of shortly after two of her original drama pilots, and , landed in the Top 75 of the 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition. Prior to entering the competition, Deiker was signed by at Gersh.

Alma Mater, pitched as Broadchurch meets Pretty Little Liars, is centered on a psychiatrist and former alum of a prestigious boarding school in Wales who comes back to help the students deal with their grief over an apparent suicide— and begins to suspect that the school she loves may be hiding an even more disturbing mystery. 

Baptiste, which is described as True Blood meets Bloodline, is a supernatural drama about a lawyer who inherits a bed & breakfast in the Louisiana bayou, as well as the responsibility of performing the dark magic that protects the community.

Both of Deiker’s pilots demonstrated her remarkable ability to deliver mystery and intrigue through her unique settings, morally complex characters, and razor-sharp writing. Alma Mater was praised by our readers for its insight and intelligence, while Baptiste was doted over for its impeccable use of the trappings of Southern Gothic horror. 

Born in Louisiana – the influence behind the bayou setting of Baptiste – Deiker graduated with an International Baccalaureate from the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales, UK – the inspiration for the school in her pilot, Alma Mater. She has since worked as a Story Producer and Supervising Producer in reality .

Carter also represents LP alum David Hoffman, who recently joined the writers room of the upcoming NBC drama Timeless after his 2015 Launch Pad Pilots Competition script was set up with Chernin Entertainment. 

Check out the complete list of writers who made the 2016 LPPC Top 75, and check back on Wednesday, July 6th when we announce the Top 50.

The for the 2016 Launch Pad Manuscript and Features Competition are open! Learn more about the Launch Pad Competition!

Congratulations once again to Jenny for being added to the list of over 150 Launch Pad alums to land representation in the past three years!

Deiker is repped by Gersh and .

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