Launch Pad Alum Jimmy Mosqueda Signs With Energy Entertainment (EXCLUSIVE)


Jimmy Mosqueda Energy Entertainment

〉Mosqueda joins over 150 alums who have landed representation in just three years.

Writer , a alum, has signed with  and of Energy Entertainment. His pilot, , placed in the Top 75 of the 2016 Pilots Competition.

Hailed as Election meets Pretty Little Liars, this academic comedy centers around a high school senior who plots to become the Valedictorian of her school after her boyfriend, who was once the number one student, suspiciously dies.

This absurdist, dark comedy pushes the edge of teen drama, without ever straying into soap opera camp. Its biting humor and emotional resonance will connect with audiences across generations. There’s mystery, suspense, teen angst — everything one wants in a show like this. Our readers loved the depiction of cutthroat, straight-A students and couldn’t wait to get more.

Mosqueda has seen numerous accolades for his work, including becoming a Finalist in the , Script Pipeline and TrackingB competitions, as well as a Semifinalist in the Nicholl Fellowship.  He has also workshopped the script of Valedictorian into a feature as part of the Sundance Institute’s Screenwriters Intensive. A child of Mexican migrant workers, he graduated from Stanford University and it was there he realized how education is intrinsically tied up with social class and race, all three of which have become prevalent themes in his work.

Launched by Weaver, Energy Entertainment is one of the hottest management and production companies, known for bringing to light high caliber screenwriting in Hollywood. They have recently signed fellow Launch Pad alum Stephen Simpson.

Congratulations Jimmy! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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