Launch Pad Alum John James Halligan Signs with Recon Literary



Following the Top 10 Finish in the 2017 Launch Pad Feature Competition for his script LP Alum has signed with of , and as of today is now being slipped to agents and select producers.

With his script becoming one of the hottest reads following our initial announcement, and the recent release of the HBO documentary on Andre the Giant’s life only amplifying that, Halligan’s quickly making a name for himself around town. The script, which is being described as Big Fish meets The Wrestler, offers a fantastical fairy tale-esque spin on the real life of the Andre Roussimoff on his journey to become the legend we all know as Andre the Giant. Never shying away from the real life issues, or the lasting impact he would have on the sport, this is a story as beautifully crafted as it lived, and one that offers a true glimpse inside the life of one of the most recognizable faces in the world.

Halligan, a Chicago native, Second City alum, and former journalism student of Temple University splits his days between working as a creative director for an ad agency, and diligently chipping away at his craft with the work ethic of Shawshank’s Andy Dufresne. When not bringing new worlds to life on the page, he spends his time as a LEGO building assistant to his two little boys.

Halligan is one of the dozen who have landed representation following our recent LPFC announcement, and one of more than 350+ that have landed reps in the past five years.

To find out more about the recent Launch Pad Feature Competition scripts and the behind them, check out our LPFC Top 100 Alum Booklet we just released this week.


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