Launch Pad Alum Justin Jacobs Signs With Tom Carter Of Artillery Creative (EXCLUSIVE)


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〉 Jacobs joins over 150 Launch Pad writers who have landed representation in just three years.

We are excited to announce that 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition writer , whose original drama pilot recently landed in the Top 75 of the LPPC, has signed with manager of .

Pitched as Mr. Robot meets The 100, the story begins when more than 200 video game fans are invited to take part in the largest virtual reality experience ever created with the promise of a technical revolution like none we’ve ever seen. But when the realities of the world are revealed, and the real world consequences start to take hold, the battle between what’s real and what’s not begins to blur.

With a timely and compelling premise, The Game beautifully introduces you to a world in which you’ll feel safe and comfortable – just before sweeping it out from under your feet. Driven by wonderfully vibrant visuals and a diverse cast of characters, this is a series that not only toys with the idea of escaping into a virtual reality, but forces you to ask yourself who you would become inside of one. With a bevy of action, complex drama, and endless opportunities for entertainment, this pilot will play to a younger audience on the look out for the next zeitgeist-seizing sci-fi just as much as it will to an older audience searching for a high-stakes drama – delving into a world that we’ve been promised since TRON.

Jacobs, who hails from the Midwest, graduated from Regis University in Denver before making the move to . He currently works at an entertainment marketing agency where he watches television to locate product placement.

Artillery’s Carter recently signed another 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition writer, Jenny Deiker, who saw two of her original drama pilots land in the Top 75. He also reps LP alum David Hoffman, who now works in the writers room of the upcoming NBC drama Timeless after his 2015 LPPC winning script was set up with Chernin Entertainment.

Congratulations Justin! We can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

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