Launch Pad Alum Kate Trefry Debuts Her New Film “How To Be Alone” At SXSW


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A monstrous congratulations to , the winner of the first ever Launch Pad Competition back in 2013, who premiered her new film HOW TO BE ALONE to audience and critical acclaim at SXSW this past week.

The short film, which also marks her directorial debut, was yet another crowning achievement on the lengthy list of accomplishments she’s made over the past few years. She was not only the first competition winner for her script , but also the first Launch Pad Alum to land on the Black List, Hit List and Young & Hungry List with her competition winning script. She has since gone on to repeat her end of year awards on the Black List and Hit List ( can only appear on the Young & Hungry List once in their careers), and tacked on a WGA Award nomination for her episodes on the hit Netflix series , of which she was also part of the multiple Emmy Award-winning seasons of the series as well.

The film, which you can watch here exclusively on Indiewire is a psychological horror/thriller starring (It Follows) and (Stranger Things), that follows a woman who begins to experience some of her greatest fears when her husband leaves for work at night. With a vein of humor and truly creepy visuals, the short is a fantastic debut for the filmmaker, which is already earning her a lot of well-earned buzz. The short was produced by Valparaiso Pictures and 4WT Media, with Lee Stobby, David Carrico, John Trefry, James Mitchell, Bobby Hoppey and Ben Bolea all serving in producing capacities.

With this latest achievement now in the books, we genuinely can’t wait to see what Trefry does next!

Trefry is represented by Lee Stobby of Lee Stobby Entertainment and , and of .


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