Emmy Nominated Launch Pad Alum Rowan Wheeler Signs With One Entertainment (EXCLUSIVE)


Rowan Wheeler One

〉Wheeler joins over 150 Launch Pad alums who have landed representation in just three years.

It is our pleasure to announce that has recently signed with of ONE Entertainment. Wheeler, whose pilot placed in the Top 50 of the 2016 Launch Pad Pilots Competition, was also nominated for an Emmy on Thursday for her work on the A&E reality series Born This Way.

The comedy pilot is described as Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 meets Nightcrawler and follows a sociopathic news reporter who attempts to use her career to advance the cause of sociopaths everywhere. However, this becomes trickier when she begins to develop those pesky things called feelings.

Our readers loved the dark humor of this pilot, as well as its sheer originality which promises multiple seasons of laughs. It features rapid-pace and biting dialogue, that is sure to get many talents wanting to join. Socio-Pam delivers on complex themes, toying with dark impulses that audiences won’t be able to get enough of as they watch. It has all the potential to be a breakout television series.

Wheeler has many accomplishments under her belt already — she was recently a Supervising Producer at Funny or Die and last year she was a finalist for Sundance’s Episodic Lab, as well as winning Screencraft’s Pilot Launch. This year, she was honored by the Academy – including the aforementioned Emmy nomination – for her work on Born This Way, the acclaimed series which follows seven young adults with Down Syndrome. She has directed over fifty hours of television and is excited to begin her journey as a content creator.

Manager Weiss heads up the LA division of -based ONE Entertainment. Their clients include Idina Menzel, Lorraine Bracco, Alexander Koch, Scott Cohen, and Ben Platt. Their lit clients include Jay Alaimo, Brooks Elms, and Glenn Sanders.

Congratulations Rowan! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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