Launch Pad Alum & Writer of Paramount’s “Matriarch” Hits Town with Hot New Spec “Control” (EXCLUSIVE)


310 to Yuma The FugitiveLionsgate, Warner Bros. Pictures

Former Launch Pad, Hit List, Black List, and Young & Hungry List Alum is back and hotter than ever with his red hot new spec script . The project, which is being pitched as a modern day 3:10 to Yuma meets The Fugitive only began being slipped to A-list talent, directors, and a handful of select this morning, yet already the rumblings of a potential power package are coming together.

While we have yet to receive any confirmations on names involved, we know the script, which centers on a female Marshal with something to prove who will stop at nothing to deliver a dangerous fugitive to the country’s most secure prison, is currently into talent at both WME and , and the names we are hearing include everyone from Scarlett Johansson and Alicia Vikander to Jennifer Lawrence and Daisy Ridley. If you’ll recall, Koenig’s last spec Matriarch went directly from our Launch Pad Feature Competition into a multi-studio bidding war that included names such as Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie floated around before landing at Paramount, where it is currently being developed for 2017.

Koenig, who is now retired from the Air Force and writing full time, once again focused in on a strong female lead, something that worked very well for him in Matriarch, and something that Paradigm has done a phenomenal of setting up on the market this year with specs such as American Rebel, which was picked up by Amy Pascal.

Between the fans of Koenig’s last spec, the talent that has been circling Paradigm specs this year, and the addition of the equally red hot Madhouse Entertainment on the rep front, look for this to, at the very least, kick the end of year market rush into full swing!

More on this one as it develops…

Koenig is repped by and at Paradigm and at Madhouse Entertainment.



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