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We have so many great things going on at TB right now we want to make sure everyone is in the loop! So, we put together all the the things that make the Tracking-Board & The Launch Pad the absolute best in service, competition, and features in one easy location!



Launch Pad Features Competition
The Tracking Board wants to discover new talent, provide opportunities not found anywhere else, by opening doors that will launch your . The Launch Pad isn’t a competition where you enter, make it to the finals, win and nothing happens. Our staff pushes every project that makes the top 25 out to agents, managers, producers, executives, and studios. Yours could be the we launch next!

LPTwitterChat271x168Launch Pad Twitter Chat
Sean Costello insists you don’t need to do coke to write about selling coke. Lee Stobby reveals what he looks for in a client. Brian McCurley examines the differences between IP and original content. Andy Heriaud & Kaitlin Kelly show divergent opinions on cyborgs. Jake Wagner discusses “Crack 20”. Ted Sperling reveals his favorite improv. Kate Trefry delivers the ultimate SnoCone recipe. Brooklyn Weaver wants you to find your voice. Read the transcripts here!


Launch Pad Features Competition Judges Announced!
We unveiled the complete docket of judges for this year’s Launch Pad Features Competition, and are very excited about what they have to offer.  Launch Pad judges have repped 2 out of every 3 projects on the Hit List, the Young & Hungry List, and the Black List since 2010.  And when you look at some of the projects they’ve been involved with, it’s jaw-dropping how much of the industry they represent. 

Launch Pad Refer-A-FriendLPFCReferral271x168
For our Last Minute deadline, we’re offering some phenomenal discounts and promotions that make the LPFC more enticing than ever.  If you’ve already entered and refer-a-friend with #LPFCREF, you get FREE Feedback Notes on your entry. 
But you’re not the only one who benefits from our Refer-A-Friend program: whoever you referred gets 10% off their entry fee.  And let’s face it: everything’s better with a friend.



YandH261x168The Young & Hungry List
Every year a new YOUNG AND HUNGRY LIST is compiled from across the industry, cultivating the top writers currently running with some heat, and landing on the most shortlists across town. The list focuses on the new voices and fresh blood hitting Hollywood and making names for themselves. Some are much more established than others, but all of them are currently riding the BUZZ!

2014TheHitList271x168The Hit List
The Hit List exists to celebrate SPEC SCRIPTS. By focusing exclusively on specs, this list aims to bring recognition to the new material that enters Hollywood, with an eye towards celebrating fresh ideas, new voices, and the emerging talents that make up the largest gambling circuit in all of Hollywood – The Spec Market.


YErotatingbannerThe Spec Book
With our 5 years of extensive spec tracking, we’ve created an exclusive and unprecedented book, giving you a holistic look into one of the most exciting, but elusive markets in our Industry -the spec market.  We’ve tracked more than 2,000 spec scripts over the years, with over 400 of those being exclusive to our site!




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