Launch Pad Twitter Chat (8.6.14): Brian McCurley


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, a manager at DMG Entertainment, joined us this morning for another installment of our Launch Pad Twitter Chat sessions. His company, DMG Entertainment, has been involved in such as “Looper,” “Iron Man 3, “The Vatican Tapes,” “Transcendence,” “Autobahn,” and “Point Break.” McCurley was a judge for our 2014 Pilot Competition.

In case you missed the session, here’s the transcript of McCurley’s Twitter Chat:

@twolitreian: What kills a comedy spec for you? What are some comedy no-no’s to avoid?
@btmccurley (): the best comedy is character based and should be organic. #RIPHaroldRamis
@btmccurley: with well developed characters, you can push the comedy pretty far

@2writestuff: You’ve done established IP, remakes, & originals. Do you look for a little of everything or do you have a pref?
@btmccurley: as a prod. co, our target is commercial appeal. As a manager, my target is always strong/unique writer voices

@rdlln: do you deal with pilot ? If so, is there a different strategy than for features and how does it differ?
@btmccurley: either way it’s about supporting the material & getting it into the hands of the right people

@mbotti: Very important question. What’s more popular, baby or kitten pictures? Be honest McCurley!
@btmccurley: trick question; a kitten is a baby cat. The answer is both.
@mbotti: Two points for you!

@hiram_beck: what’s the most common mistake novice typically make?
@btmccurley: many don’t read what’s selling. Be familiar with what is selling to /studios

@twolitreian: What does DMG look for in a client… other than an original voice?
@btmccurley: a unique voice, a strong work ethic, and a good head of hair #TheBigThree
@twolitreian: Haha, guess I won’t cut it at DMG then… I lack #3 of the big three.
@2writestuff: Me too. :(

@twolitreian: If you had to pick one comedy script to read as an example, what would it be?
@btmccurley: hard to say. I’d suggest thinking of what comedies inspire you to be comedy and read those

@MyTrackingBoard: Many thanks to @btmccurley of @DMG_LA for joining us this morning! And remember the “big three…” #LPFC


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