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2013 Features Winner Kate Trefry joined us this morning for another installment of our LP Twitter Chat series. Her script, “Pure O,” follows a college student facing graduation who starts suffering from uncontrollable violent thoughts, and she becomes obsessed with finding out what they mean, and why they’re suddenly happening to her. Kate is currently prepping to hit the market with her new feature spec, “Living in Sin,” working on another feature spec, “This Is Your Family On Drugs,” and a super secret TV pilot.

In case you missed the session, here’s the transcript of Trefry’s Twitter Chat:

@MyTrackingBoard‬: To get this Twitter Q&A started, @KaaaaaateTrefry, what has your experience w/ been?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: awesome! and ongoing! and agent-getting! And I’m not just saying that, it’s been a year, I don’t have to be nice any more.

@2writestuff: Do you write full time? Or are you work the day grind?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: I do art direction, and occasionally moonlight as a snow cone lady (serious). Gotta make that paper dog
@2writestuff: What’s your favorite snow cone? Also, where can I get one? #importantquestions
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: Ha! Strawberry Rhubarb with vodka. We don’t mess around @SnoconAMOR

@WatsupJustine: I’m interested in TV. Is it better to write my own original pilot or should I start w/specs
@KaaaaaateTrefry: have both if you can. Writing specs is “smarter,” but a dope pilot can get you a repped.
@WatsupJustine‬: If I’m looking for writer’s room jobs, should I send out a spec and an original script?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: whichever showcases your voice best. Showrunners really want unique voice, imho

@maybemaple: There are a lot of contests to choose from. How do you research/pick contests to enter?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: I went for the big ones Nichols, Sloan, etc because people actually care if you win. Kind of
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: and OBVIOUSLY @MyTrackingBoard contest. Obviously.

@taylor_622: How many projects do you work on at once? I feel like if I work on 2 things, I’m half assing both of them
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: Yes. If I’m doing more than 1, I have to do 2 weeks with it, 2 weeks the other, like a child of divorce.

@Origami_Mami: It can be hard to find that spark. How do you find source material?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: Anywhere I can. NPR. Friends stories. Bad dreams. Going down the wikipedia rabbit hole into the weirds.

@hiram_beck: How has your career changed since you got repped? How does your rep help you?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: They HUSTLE, tell me what studios want (which I ignore), & still find happy homes for my weirdo scripts

@LMichelakakis: How are things going with your feature-winning script, Pure-O?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: Good! We are in talks now with some hardcore talent. Took a while, but I’m very excited
@LMichelakakis: Can you splurge any more details? Awesome to imagine big name talent your words!
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: reeeallly…But some awesome UK babes are looking at the lead female role and I am very pleased.

@2writestuff asks: you mentioned ur scripts r weird, did you think you would win when you entered
@KaaaaaateTrefry: OF COURSE NOT. I never win anything. But apparently there are a lot of weirdos lurking in Hollywood.
@2writestuff: You mean you never WON anything. Your days of not winning are obviously behind you
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: @MyTrackingBoard thanks for breaking my dry spell, guys.

@taylor_622: How do you deal with “constructive” criticism?
@KaaaaaateTrefry: The normal way: I cry. Then I blame haters. Finally, I go numb, honestly assess the & do a rewrite.
@taylor_622: So glad it’s not just me! At what point do you disregard the and do your own thing?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: If I get the same note from 3 people I take it seriously. I ignore the best/worst responses, too
@taylor_622: If there’s one piece of advice you could give a writer starting out, what would it be?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: Don’t give up. It takes forever. Write what feels important. & its ok to drink in the afternoon sometimes
@MyTrackingBoard‬: #daydrunk

@TheRealKennyKoo: does being an art director affect your writing? do you see things differently on the page?
@KaaaaaateTrefry‬: Yes! It reminds me every word I write will become someones . so make it good, dammit.
@TheRealKennyKoo‬: that’s genius. it’s easy to forget that every single word becomes someone’s responsibility

@MyTrackingBoard: This is the greatest thing we’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing it.
@MyTrackingBoard: Big thanks to 2013 #LPFC winner @KaaaaaateTrefry for sitting down with us for another Twitter Chat. We’re gonna take your sno cone advice!!

@KaaaaaateTrefry: Thanks all! Back to work! These sno cones aren’t going to syrup themselves, or so my boss keeps telling me!


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