Launch Pad Winner Surjyakiran Das Signs with UTA!



With his script winning one of the top spots in our recently announced Launch Pad Feature Competition, red hot newcomer has signed with and at UTA in a very competitive situation.

Das’ script, which is being described as a four-quadrant Maltese Falcon meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid, beat out more than 2,500 to earn its spot as one of our winners. Delivering an incredibly unique spin on classic noir and marrying it with the feel of something you’d expect from Pixar, ‘Confection’ tells the story of a lactose intolerant middle school student who must hone his detective skills to investigate the “seedy” underbelly of his school after the book fair money he was entrusted to protect goes missing. With a true mystery layered within a delightful cast of characters, and a story that delivers for audiences of all ages, it’s no wonder reps were on the hunt to sign Das after the announcement.

Das, a first generation Asian/American writer, earned his BA from NYU Tisch and MFA from USC, and prior to landing in the Launch Pad Competition had written and directed the award-winning short film “Arranged: The Musical”. He has worked as a creative editor for people such as director Mira Nair and outlets such as MTV and PBS. A long-time New York resident, he now happily calls home.

Das is one of the dozen who have landed representation following our recent LPFC announcement, and one of more than 350+ that have landed reps in the past five years.

To find out more about the recent Launch Pad Feature Competition and the behind them, check out our LPFC Top 100 Alum Booklet we just released this week.



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