Laurence Fishburne & Grace Gummer in Talks to Join Daniel Radcliffe in “Beast of Burden”


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Actors and are looking to join Daniel Radcliffe in the forthcoming action-thriller BEAST OF BURDEN directed by Jesper Ganslandt. The project will mark the Swedish filmmaker’s English-language debut.

The Tracking Board broke the news earlier this year that Radcliffe would be starring in the film written by Adam Hoelzel. The follows Sean Haggerty (Radcliffe), a character who’s used to lying and keeping secrets from everyone, including the feds, the cartel, and even his wife, Julie. But now he’s ready to get out of this illegal business — after he finishes carrying 55 pounds of cocaine across the border in a small aircraft. Provided he can survive when he lands, of course.

Fishburne is set to play a cartel handler assigned to guide Haggerty through the drug run. Gummer will play Radcliffe’s wife who must work with him to escape the threat of the cartel.

Paul Schiff will produce alongside Michael Diamond of MGMT Entertainment. Green-Light’s Chad Moore and Jeff Elliott have also signed on to produce. Mary Aloe, Sean Glover and Wei Wang of WYSI Media and Aloe Entertainment Productions will finance and produce.

Fishburne can be seen next in the sci-fi drama Passengers starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. He also stars in the upcoming sequel John Wick: Chapter 2.

Gummer was recently seen on the second season of Mr. Robot and starred in the Amazon series Good Girls Revolt as Nora Ephron.

Fishburne is repped by and Landmark Artists .
Gummer is repped by and .


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This news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter.


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