Leave the World Behind in First Action-Packed “Jumanji” Trailer (Video)


Say goodbye to board games — has entered the world of video games. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black, the new take adds a fun twist to the exhilarating but dangerous game.

The premise of the movie is relatively simple. Four students in detention come across an old video game and as they begin to play it, they get sucked into the game. The stars of the film are playing the avatars in the game, the high school students trapped in different bodies. It’s a basic concept with plenty of room for comedy, some a little stale (Black as the hot teen girl, for example), some much better (like Gillan expressing distress over her outfit, assuaging the initial criticism toward the first image, as well as several of Hart’s moments).

What is clear from the trailer is that they’ve found a way to reinvent the story of Jumanji in a new and exciting way, while letting the original film stand completely on its own. Because that’s where a lot of promise with reboots come in — if they’re good, and reinvent the story in some way, or add more diversity, now there are two movies to watch and enjoy, rather than just one. So, hopefully, this new Jumanji gives us a different, fun adventure, and then we can have all the adventurous double-features with jungle-themed decorations and snacks.

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