Lee Daniels Confirms “Empire” Spinoff Series as Main Show Gets Season 4 Renewal



At the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour today, creator confirmed to press that conversations were happening at Fox about a spinoff for his hit series set in the world of the music industry. Information on the spinoff is limited at the moment, but Daniels was able to reveal some details. It was also confirmed the main series received a renewal for Season 4 earlier today.

Regarding why the spinoff is happening now, Daniels said he and his team “had to build the foundation of Empire” and then they could “figure out what that B-chorus is.” In other words, they had to figure out a story in Empire worth exploring deep enough for its own series.

Rumors have existed for some time about a prequel series centered around Taraji P. Henson’s character Cookie and Daniels simply said “it could be,” but that several ideas are being put forward right now.

It’s also unclear if the spinoff would be introduced during season, or an episode on the flagship show that would serve as a backdoor .

While information is understandably limited on the project, Daniels was confident in its ability to proceed.

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