“Legends of Tomorrow” EPs, Star Preview New Addition to the Waverider


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’s newest superhero is from the year 2042, a dystopian society where religion has been outlawed and metahumans are being hunted.

“We held a mirror up to 2017,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim quipped about creating that particular setting.

Guggenheim and his fellow EP Phil Klemmer, as well as new series star Tala Ashe, discussed bringing in the newcomer, Zari, a Muslim hacktivist from the future, after a screening of Tuesday night’s new episode.

“Ever since the beginning of the show, we recognized that there was not a lot of estrogen on the bridge of the Waverider,” Guggenheim admitted. “It’s sort of been on our bucket list of to-do items. We really, really wanted to bring on another femlae character, really, since day one. And then it was maybe midway through last season…”

“Once we saw how Nate (Nick Zano) and Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) changed the dynamic in such an interesting way,” added Phil Klemmer. “They sort of accomodated this change in the tone of hte show. And selfishly, it’s just fun to have more new people around. For the cast, it’s like, hey, a new kid! It brings a new vitality to the writing, to figure out how this new person is going to affect the dynamics on the ship.”

When the team meets Zari, she has no interest in joining a band of misfit time-traveling superheros, which should make for some interesting dynamics once she does decide to step aboard the Waverider.

“Philosophically, she’s different than everyone else,” said Ashe. “She’s new, obviously, to time travel and I think her hacker brain sees a lot of potential in time travel, not just in fixing these anacrhonisms but possibly imporiving the future, having com from this very dystopian, broken world of 2042. I think she has almost a humanitarian tilt to it, which will clash with certain people on the Waverider.”

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.


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