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Well, usual reviewer, , had to miss out on the fun this week, so Emily J is here to catch up with you guys! This week’s episode, “Doomworld” picks up shortly after last week’s, where the Legion of Doom has acquired the Spear of Destiny and used to change the present. Here, Eobard Thawne is (basically) king, Merlin has a loving family and both hands, and Damien Darhk is just being his usual evil-magic-self. The Legends meanwhile, are alive but have no memory of their time as time-traveling vigilantes, save for Rory who has reunited with Snart to return stealing as much money as his heart desires.

The episode opens in Star City, 2017. Sarah and Amaya are hunting down a masked woman in a cloak. Is it Thea? It’s hard to tell with the hood and mask, but their target must be one of our usual good guys because Sarah and Amaya are both wearing dark eyeliner. A sure sign that we are in the darkest timeline. If that weren’t enough of a hint, then a confirmation comes when the camera lingers on Amaya and she is clearly not wearing her iconic totem.


It is at this moment that one of my favorite things to have ever happened in the Arrowverse occurred: the hero rolled her ankle. It caught me completely off guard, but the masked vigilante leaped down and landed with one foot not fully on the curb, rolling her ankle, and causing the injury that would lead to her capture and death by Sarah and Amaya, who reveal the hooded figure to be none other than Felicity Smoak. Yes, it was very cool to see Felicity by the mask, but I have been watch all of these superhero shows and movies for so long now, and I can’t think of any moment where someone had such a simple, totally understandable, spazzy mess up. How does this not happen more often? Everyone runs around in the dark, the female heroes do it in wedges or some kind of heel, and the location is often in a warehouse or construction site with plenty of levels. Now that I’ve had a taste of an “uncool” downfall, I want more of them!

Okay, back to the actual episodes. Darhk gets the mask from Sarah and Amaya, placing it in one of those glass cases, usually used for Precious Moments figurines or your comic book hero dolls, alongside the masks of the other Arrowverse heroes. There was no way that the Legends were not going to save the day by the end of the season, but considering the state of all the other CW-DC shows, it takes a bit of the edge off by seeing those other masks.

Sarah and Amaya aren’t the only ones under the Legion’s evil spell. While the female duo works for Darhk, Stein is stuck in a lab building a reactor for an unknown purpose for Thawne, Jefferson is the lab security head, Ray is a janitor, and Rip is stuck on the Waverider making cakes. Darhk and Thawne are blissfully happy in their new world, but Merlin knows that Thawne is up to something.

Thawne’s plan begins to unravel when Nate arrives. He can see glitches in the new world and knows that it has been altered. After reuniting with Mick (who hates robbing in a world where no one will arrest him), the pair finds Ray who has been building tech with no knowledge of what he is doing. This is one of Brandon Routh’s best performances, doing an almost-stoner impression, proving once again why ray is the heart of the show. He has built a gun that will allow anyone zapped to remember who they once were. One-by-one each of the Legends returns but they are still without their powers.


On the evil side, Merlin, Darhk, and Snart realize that Thawne is going to destroy the spear and will then be able to kill them off since he won’t need them anymore and there won’t be a spear to reset things. In the midst of the final showdown between good and bad, Rory is the one holding the spear and has to choose between the Legends and the Legion. Thanks to Amaya’s support, Rory tosses her the spear but the success is short lived when Snart ices and kills her, followed by Thawne tossing the spear into the reactor to burn.

The team is distraught, but Sarah arrives with a new plan: break the rules and go back to 1916 to stop the Legion. There are many potential conflicts with this choice, including time collapsing on itself, but there is truly no other option for the team. Meanwhile, Rip has got the Waverider online again and is ready to go find his team. The only problem? Darhk shrunk the Waverider down and Rip and the ship are nothing more than desktop decorations in the hands of the Legion.

This was yet another solid episode of Legends of Tomorrow. After really struggling to find themselves in the first season, the sophomore year has been improving week after week… mostly. While this episode was strong, it was ultimately filler. In screenwriting terms, this episode is the “plot push to the third act decision.” Meaning that this is the set up for the climax. It’s also simply more fun whenever the Legends aren’t in 2017, but narrative-wise episodes like this are inevitable, and it’s hard to knock them too much for that. Can’t wait to see two teams of Legends face-off next week, basicall the “don’t cross the streams” moment in the show. Should be lots of fun!

TB-TV-Grade-B+Season 2, Episode 16 (S02E16)
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