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Here’s a fun drinking game for this week’s episode of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, “Land of the Lost”: Take a shot every time Nathan says “my grandfather.” You’ll be wasted in five minutes.

The Legends continue their hunt for the final Spear of Destiny piece, this time focusing their efforts on finding Commander Steel of the JSA, who’s somewhere out in space and time hiding the Spear. Before they can crack the case, Rip bypasses the security measures that are keeping him locked away in the ship, and takes control of Gideon to escape. While the Legends are distracted, Hunter attempts to steal the Medallion (the only hope the team had to find the last piece of the Spear). Before he is able to escape, Mick stops Hunter, but not without destroying the Medallion. Chaos ensues, and the team has to crash land in the Cretaceous period in order to take back control of Gideon.


After their crash landing, the team realizes that the ship too damaged to fly– it’s Delineator lost somewhere in Jurassic Park Land. Sara sends half of the squad to venture off with the dinosaurs and the other half of the team sticks around to deal with Rip. Mick mentions using “Cognitive Intrusion” to get inside Hunter’s head to a) find out where the last piece of the spear is and b) change him back to normal, good guy Hunter.


Sara and Jax volunteer to go into Rip’s mind. Spoiler Alert: His mind is spooky and smoky. Inside Rip’s mind is full of terrible adversaries that plague his memory, including “bad Sara”. They realize that “Bad Sara” is how Hunter now views the team in his subconscious and that they will have to battle their evil doppelgängers all episode. Sara and Jax split up and both make monumental discoveries: Sara finds a terrified Hunter locked away in his own mind and Jax finds Gideon – like the actual Gideon as a real person. Sara struggles to convince a distrustful Rip that his conscious is wrong, but eventually gives him a rousing speech that gets him to agree to free them both. After reuniting with Gideon and Jax, Gideon lets them know that in order to get the information from Rip, they will have to take him to a place in his mind that reminds him of who he truly is. On the way there, Jax must fight evil Jax (without his powers) and Sara must fight evil Sarah. Just when the team is on it’s last legs, Rip musters up the courage to fight, and saves them all. Rip gives a teary goodbye to Gideon, before waking up, returning back to reality as normal Rip.


Back on the ground, Ray leads the team in a search for the delineator. I have to pause here and say that Ray’s thirst and excitement for the Cretaceous period was adorable. I think he’s growing on me.

We also continue the one storyline that no one asked for: Nate and Amaya. I can’t be the only person who’s bored by them (Team Mick and Amaya!). Coming off of last episode where we left the two of them agreeing to stay single, Amaya admits that Stargirl influenced her to get off her high horse and engage with Nathan again. Ray warns Nate that he can’t date Amaya because it would change her destiny – a destiny that will be important to millions of lives.

The ground team finds the delineator in a T-Rex’s nest (the T-Rex named Gertrude affectionately by Ray). Amaya, the animal whisperer, is able to calm down the beast so that the team can leave with the delineator safely. Back on the ship, Nate struggles to break it off with Amaya, who invites him back to her quarters for some adult time.


We end this episode with Rip back on the team, and admitting that he knows where the final piece of the Spear is. Cut to: 1970 NASA, where we see that Reverse Flash has already made his appearance, overseeing the testing of John Swigert, who was one of the three astronauts that flew on Apollo 13 (I had to look it up too). Does that mean the final piece of the Spear is on the moon?


You know how some episodes leisurely guide us into the main action and conflict of that week’s storyline? This wasn’t one of them. From beat one, this episode was non-stop conflict/resolution/conflict/resolution, making this week very exciting to watch. My favorite story element was the subconscious travel, and the team being forced to go into Rip’s mind. I had a lot of theories as to how Rip would go back to normal, but them having to physically extract the good from Rip wasn’t one of them. I thought that that choice was surprising and refreshing, especially considering I was prepared for this battle to take place somewhere in the world’s timeline and not in Rip’s mind.

I do feel slightly let down by the “B-Story” this week. Like, ya’ll where in the whole Cretaceous period and instead of focusing on the dangers of being pursued by dinosaurs or crushed by meters, the story was focused on Nathan and Amaya. Call me biased, but I much would’ve preferred if the B-Story’s real estate was spent exploring the pretty awesome landscape that the team had landed in, versus Amaya and Nathan’s thirst. That’s just me though. Even more so, when we finally did get some dino action, it lasted all of two minutes and contained absolutely zero action sequences. I almost feel like this storyline could’ve taken place wherever, and that’s how I feel the “timeline” portion of the show goes wrong. I’m not a big fan of the “we need our heroes to go somewhere in time because that’s what our show does so let’s just pick a place” thing, and while I feel that this season has moved away from that, this was a slight regression. But, the idea of landing there was pretty cool, and in their defense, this week’s episode was about much more than this tiny portion of the story.


Question: At the end of the episode, Rip has a heart to heart with Gideon, and thanks her for always being with him while he was trapped inside of his mind. The question that I have is… soooo if she was always with him inside of his mind, why didn’t she convince him to escape? Once again, I get that some plot points are reserved for the team, but it almost felt backwards that all it took was for Rip to be convinced by Sara’s speech for him to return back to normal. If that’s the case, what was Gideon doing in his mind this entire time? Just standing there?? I guess it was pleasant seeing Rip’s love connection to his computer, but it left some looming questions for me.

So we got Rip back on the team, one piece of the Spear left to find, and the Legion of Doom already close to nabbing it. Whatever happens next week, the stakes are extremely high for everyone, and I truly believe that the writers could go either way with who comes out victorious. Honestly, I just want Amaya to dump Nate and hook up with Mick.


Season 2, Episode 13 (S02E13)
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