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I’ll admit I was nervous going into episode one of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW‘s season 2. Real nervous. It’s not like Legends of Tomorrow is bad, in fact, I think that it was finally finding it’s footing by the end of last season! But that’s what scared me: it was still finding it’s footing at the end of last season. What if they fell off the wagon this season? What if they continue doing the most with millions of unnecessary characters and wannabe grittiness?

So you can imagine my shock when I immediately noticed how different this season felt. Like… it was fun! It gave me Power Rangers 1994 vibes (in a good way). The first episode was adventurous and actually pretty engaging. First off, seeing the Legends immerse themselves in whatever time period they’re in lends itself to hilarity. I mean, I didn’t laugh out loud seeing Heat Wave dressed as a Musketeer, but it was cute. There doesn’t seem to be a direct threat as of now, besides protecting history, so that may leave an opening for more of these light, comedic moments as they fight to protect history and whatever else is thrown their way.


So let me get to it.

Ya’ll know how Legends likes to crossover, and at the top of the episode they brought us Oliver Queen, who along with Nathan Heywood discovers the Waverider ship, crashed at the bottom of the ocean. They discover Heat Wave, in an unconscious stasis. Aw snap. They wake him up, and we begin, basically, a flashback episode of how he got there, and the big bad thing that happened to the Legends.

Essentially, the Legends (which thankfully have been reduced to a leaner, core of team members) had been scattered all throughout time after Rip Hunter sacrificed the ship to prevent Nazi time travelers from deploying the atomic bomb into New York City and reshaping world history after WW2. Scary stuff.

While the episode had a much lighter tone, I appreciate the darker subplots peppered throughout the episode, for example, White Canary is faced with her sister’s murderer, Damien Darhk (another crossover ya’ll). Once realizing that the Legends’ plan to stop the atomic bomb might not have been enough, Hunter scatters his team (without their consent obvs) across time and makes the Wave Runner take the impact of the bomb — with him inside! Is he dead, ya’ll? Probably not, but the possibility sets us up for what could be a pretty grim discovery down the road.


So what did I side-eye this episode? Well, I was a little turned off when Hunter refused to let Firestorm participate in the mission and made him watch over the ship. Let my melanin brother fight! But I let it slide after Hunter lets Firestorm know that he’s training him to become the captain of the Wavrider. Aight, Hunter. We’ll see.


I also side-eyed Atom, but I always side eye him, because he’s annoying. In this episode, he found it important to snitch on White Canary, who – for a moment – went rogue on the mission and almost killed Darhk to avenge her sister’s murder. I appreciated that White Canary called him out for being Mister Perfect. Hopefully, now that White Canary has called him out, he’ll experience some character growth this season and stop being a know it all – a girl can dream.

Here are the things that I didn’t side-eye. I appreciated the woke-ness of the writers in regards to Albert Einstein’s wife. While the initial plan of the crew was to capture/rescue Einstein before the Nazis could use him to gain control of the atomic bomb, they were stumped when that didn’t work and the Nazis still had use of the atom bomb. Turns out, his ex-wife Mileva Maric, someone that history rarely acknowledges was just as responsible for knowledge and research of the bomb as Einstein and that the Nazi’s could use her to get the bomb. Child, I had to pause the episode and do some research on her because I had no idea. But without me getting into a history lesson with ya’ll, I thought that Legends used this as an awesome way to bring to its audience an interesting piece of history while servicing a plot twist. Go head ya’ll.

I love a good cross-over, and that was something that I always appreciated about the show. This first episode let us know that they would be doing even more with that. Not only do we have Green Arrow, but also in the final moments of the episode the Legends come head to head with the Justice Society of America (who sound like an irritating bunch). We also got a glimpse at how the Flashpoint will impact the Legends’ universe. Good stuff.

Overall, I’m looking forward to what this season has to offer. I think that with this smaller and more focused cast, along with the crossover of the Green Arrow and Flash realms, this season has potential to really dive deeper into the DC universe and bring us a fun and exciting reason to tune in every Thursday. We’ll see though….


Season 2, Episode 1 (S02E01)
Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8PM on CW

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